Female In the Reverse Harem – Part 5

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The requested post is a female added to the harem. So all of the below have F/F action at some point in the book or the series.

The reviews are mixed on some of these, so definitely read the sample before buying.

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Mystery Book Details

I think the FMC was bullied at school (pretty sure it was a academy where they had to live there too) and she locks herself in a room with one of the MCs, and I do know it was an event and everyone’s parents were there and I think this MC was taking care of the sounds, lightnings behind the stage, his mom was going there to talk to him about how everything looked nice and FMC started screaming for help and hitting everything around her, pretending that the male character was hurting her, his mom helped her out and was threatening to disown him because of that, I can only remember this scene and I wanted to know if you remember a book that has a scene like that, I do remember that it was a bully romance tho, and the FMC wanted revenge

A Shameful Experiment: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance (Corporate Correction) by Emily Tilton
A Shameful Experiment: A Punishment Reverse Harem Romance (Corporate Correction) by Emily Tilton
Amazon Description

In an attempt to escape her troubles on Earth, nineteen-year-old Tilly Squires inadvertently stows away aboard a spacecraft headed for Saturn. When she accidentally damages equipment critical to the ship's planned scientific endeavors, however, she soon finds herself naked, bound, and blushing, with her bare bottom fully on display for a hard, painful, and very public strapping.

With its original objectives no longer achievable, it is decided that the mission will instead undertake a much different sort of research. To explore the effectiveness of a shared sex slave for the enhancement of morale, after an intimate, deeply humiliating medical examination, Tilly's virgin body will be made available for the crew to punish, use, and enjoy in any way they please.

But as she is claimed over and over by more than a dozen stern, sexy astronauts, will her helpless arousal prove that Tilly is not an entirely unwilling participant in this shameful experiment?

Publisher's Note: A Shameful Experiment is a stand-alone book in the Corporate Correction series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Thoughts from Paige

I debated including this book.  It's hard for me to tell if this is an actual Reverse Harem.  You have been warned. 🙂

Bonds and Blood: An Epic Fantasy Reverse Harem (The Mists of Elista Trilogy Book 1) by Clara Wils
Bonds and Blood: An Epic Fantasy Reverse Harem (The Mists of Elista Trilogy Book 1) by Clara Wils
Amazon Description

A bond with a spider, a misfit noble house, and a terrifying enemy. What more could a girl want?What’s my name? Well, in Elista, the name you have before you become True-Bonded doesn’t matter. It’s only once you’ve been Chosen and Bonded with a Lumani, a Spirit-of-the-Mists, that you take your avatar form and gain your true name.But I don’t end up with a beautiful name like Dove or Swan. Nope… my avatar is a spider and my name is… Legs. Yup, you wear one skin-tight, super-short dress and you end up with a name like Legs for the rest of your life. Also… a spider? Yuck.And as soon as I gain my name and powers, someone tries to kill me. Luckily, I have friends, including a beautiful beau named Silence. Who wouldn’t want their man to be silent and beautiful? And when I get selected for a misfit noble house, I find out there are many more hunks and hotties ready to stand by my side.Now, I just need to find out who wants me dead while staying alive, finding love… oh and potentially saving a nation at the same time.Bonds and Blood is the first book in the Mists of Elista Trilogy, an action-packed epic fantasy reverse harem romance with a driven heroine who doesn’t have to choose from her irresistible romantic interests. This trilogy has F/F content.

Fated to Burn: An Infernal Reverse Harem Romance by Rory Connors
Fated to Burn: An Infernal Reverse Harem Romance by Rory Connors
Amazon Description

Hell's Freezing Over; Time To Make It Hot Again

I went to bed one night and woke up burning. Little did I know this was going to be one of those stories about getting the guy... or a few guys, and maybe a few girls along the way. Only my happily ever after starts right at the end. That's right. I'm dead. Do not pass go. Do not collect your immortal soul. Go straight to Hell.

Fortunately, that was just the beginning. See, I've got something special, and everybody wants it; lewd demon princes, domineering archangels, black winged warriors, and even the Grim Reaper want to keep a tight grip on this little mortal. I was gonna have to be smart if I didn't want to end up on someone's leash... for too long, anyway.

If I played this right, this could be one hot happily ever after. Or it could all go up in flames. But hey, it's not the end of the world.


This hellish dark fantasy romance debut is a maximum-steam reverse harem story with flames, magic, love, and plenty of sin between hunky reapers, demon dandies, prideful princesses, and corruptible angels- in every combination! Be advised that the heroine faces suggestive perils.

Living For It: A Why Choose Bisexual Romance (Dark Obsessions 3) by D. S. Dane
Living For It: A Why Choose Bisexual Romance (Dark Obsessions 3) by D. S. Dane
Amazon Description

I was straight, I thought.

I had Evan.

And Sadie was with Slade.

But she and I were close enough that my brother Manuel thought we were an item. It was a hot mess waiting to happen.

Hot. Mess…

I mean, we were just friends who liked to let loose in the dungeon together. Right?

Evan may have fulfilled all of my darker desires, but I couldn’t exactly take him home to my family. Sadie made my heart sing. When Manuel invited Sadie and me on a couple’s getaway we no longer had to hide our true feelings. That weekend changed everything.

What will happen when we tell Evan and Slade that we want it all? The tension has hit a fever pitch, and I have no idea which relationships will survive…

Living For It is Book 3 in the Dark Obsessions trilogy, but may also be read as a standalone. Contains steamy consensual MF and FF scenes, with a helping of BDSM, Daddy-kink, age-gap romance, and a smoldering Alpha Male dom. As always, you’ll find no cheating in this Why Choose trilogy, just your Happily Ever After.

Thoughts from Paige

I think if you are looking for the F/F action this is the book to start with.  The author indicates it can be read as a standalone.  The first two books seem to be building relationships separately before this point.

Lure of the Tides: A Dark Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Unseelie Regime Book 1) by Gaja J. Kos
Lure of the Tides: A Dark Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Unseelie Regime Book 1) by Gaja J. Kos
Amazon Description

The Unseelie thrive on dark desires. I have to convince them I can fulfil their darkest dreams.

If someone had said my petty thefts would lead to me getting shipped off to Unseelie lands on a mission to assassinate the Crown Princess, I would have told them they’d drank too much shell wine.

Ever seen a mermaid assassin on land? Didn’t think so.

Yet here I am, stripped of my tail and my heart, posing as part of a royal Unseelie outcast’s retinue.

Lachlan sees me as his personal form of twisted entertainment. I’d like nothing more than to slice off his cruel smirk, but being his plaything is the only way I can partake in the depraved courting ceremony where I’m supposed to strike the lethal blow. I have to dive into the throes of Unseelie life like a true member of their race. Wicked. Carnal. Pursuing pleasure through the darkest deeds.

If an unjustly handsome Unseelie prick ends up on the wrong side of my blade once I’m done, well…

Maybe not having a heart could prove to be fun after all.

LURE OF THE TIDES is the first title in a dark reverse harem fantasy romance trilogy with M/F, M/M, and F/F pairings, a villainous, wicked flavor to its characters, and an abundance of scorching steam!

Savaged: A Standalone Monster Romance (Her Monstrous Desires) by Jewels Arthur
Amazon Description

I live the best life… No, really! Sex, drugs, fame, and pretty much all the free booze I could possibly want. But something is missing. Something I just can’t put my finger on.

A beautiful girl asks for a selfie which leads to so much more, and I am thrown into a Wonderland of hallucinations in a Canadian forest filled with savage beasts that want to ravage me in the best way. Except she wants me to be their matriarch. A matriarch they can all share amongst themselves—her included. What the eff kind of tunnel have I fallen into, and who the heck is the rabbit with the shrooms?

Could this be the end of Perrie Warner, or will I live another day to post more of my viral videos? The monsters are vicious yet somehow enthralling. But I surely can’t post any of this online. I mean, who would ever believe me?

One-click now to preorder your copy of this monstrous romance in an unordered series of standalones loosely based on fairy tales with a dark twist.

The Price of Silence: A Dark Bully Reverse Harem (Winterfell Academy Book 1) by Elle Mae
The Price of Silence: A Dark Bully Reverse Harem (Winterfell Academy Book 1) by Elle Mae
Amazon Description

From Elle Mae comes an exciting new bully reverse harem that will feed all your paranormal bisexual fantasies. Join us in this journey into a magical world filled with witches, demons, curses, and lies that will forever change the path of one girls life.
I am Rosie Miller and at the age of ten, I was cursed.

Because of my parents' debt, I was forced into silence and now every word, every laugh, was a weapon used against me.

By nineteen I had come to understand that I would have no choice but to follow in my parents' footsteps. Get a soul-sucking job reserved for low-levels like me, keep my head down, and die alone.

That was until I got a letter one day welcoming me to the most prestigious demon academy in the entire country.

I knew that when I opened that letter, it was too good to be true. There was no way after thousands of years of separation between high-levels and low-levels that I would ever be given such a golden opportunity.

Meeting them only proved my suspicions to be correct.

A bloodthirsty gangster.

A child of a high-ranking demon official with a penance for blackmail.

And last but not least a witch who seems to be called by the power my curse exudes.

Becoming tangled with them will probably be the most reckless thing that I have ever done in my life, but will it be worth finally breaking my curse after nine years?

CW for all books are on author website

Their Omega: A Polyamorous Shifter Novel (Sweet and Filthy) by Rosalie Spencer
Their Omega: A Polyamorous Shifter Novel (Sweet and Filthy) by Rosalie Spencer
Amazon Description

Valerie isn't like other beta shifters, she likes being in control. Andrea isn't like other omega shifters, she likes a bit of pain with her pleasure. Together, they like playing with alphas, but just for temporary fun. That is, until Valerie's childhood rival comes back to town and Valerie decides she's going to show her once and for all, by making their most recent conquests a permanent addition. Jada was taught that, as an alpha, she should be strong but she was never taught to be gentle until her childhood friend rejected her. She ran after that, found her own mate, Hayden, found happiness with him... until she hears that Valerie has returned to their home town. Now they both have mates, surely they can clear the air. But when Jada sees Valerie for the first time in years, she knows that giving the beta woman an apology isn’t going to be enough. This is a standalone erotic fantasy novel intended for audiences of 18+ that centers the experience of the two mated women in a polyamorous/reverse harem relationship, it includes tropes of enemies to lovers, second chance romance and a guaranteed HEA. Content warning; graphic sexual situations including FM, FF, MFMF and MFFF, as well as BDSM.

Touched by Death: A Reverse Harem Romance (Gods of Death Trilogy Book 1) by Ruby Ryan
Touched by Death: A Reverse Harem Romance (Gods of Death Trilogy Book 1) by Ruby Ryan
Amazon Description

Four sexy gods of death—Thanatos, Anubis, Mictlantecuhtli, and Morrigan—vie for one woman's eternal soul.

Beth Carter is a private investigator preparing for the biggest case of her life. When she narrowly misses getting hit by a train, she counts her blessings and goes about her day.

But in the underworld, the representatives of death from every pantheon were already preparing to harvest her soul and escort it to the afterlife. Beth’s near-miss causes the wheels of fate to come to a screeching halt—and rips some gods out of the underworld.

Now four gods of death walk the earth: the Greek god Thanatos, the Egyptian deity Anubis, the Aztec immortal Mictlantecuhtli, and the Celtic goddess Morrigan. Still hungry for Beth’s soul, they must discover what strange fluke caused Beth to avoid her fate—and then bring her soul back to the underworld before it’s too late.

Yet Beth isn’t ready to accept their harsh truth, especially while focusing on her career-making case. Can she find a way to convince them to let her stay in the mortal realm? Or will she eventually succumb to their almost lustful desire for her soul?

Gods of Death is the new Reverse Harem Romance trilogy from Ruby Ryan. It’s a slow-burn romance packed with humor, drama, and supernatural action. Happily Ever After 100% guaranteed!

Wednesday Pierce: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Academy Romance (Vamp Soul Academy Book 1) by Breanne Bergie
Wednesday Pierce: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Academy Romance (Vamp Soul Academy Book 1) by Breanne Bergie
Amazon Description

Who murdered my parents? Answering that question brings me to Vamp Soul Academy. Here, humans and vamps coexist in harmony. At least, that’s what many like to believe… But I know better. On the outside, I’m your average teenager and write for the academy paper. Inside, my blood is powerful and bloodsuckers want a taste. Undiscovered stories lie within these walls, and I want to solve them all. But a mysterious man haunts my dreams and curiosity spikes when possessive siblings Savanna and Spencer Dusk arrive at the academy. They draw me in with their undeniable charm, tempting me to lose focus of my goal. But I must resist them. I have to keep fighting and discover the answers I need in order to exact vengeance. This is book one of a reverse harem paranormal academy romance series where the heroine has multiple love interests and doesn't choose between them. It is a slow burn romance with eventual FF content. Recommended for mature readers.


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  1. The mystery book sounds like it’s from the Marked series by Ruby Vincent. It’s a scene from the second book in the series at a football game where the MC locked herself in the announcer’s box with one of the guys.

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