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I am so sorry I’m so far behind on these theme posts. It has been an incredibly emotional week, and I just haven’t had the capacity.

I hope you are all doing okay. PSA for mental health; I hope you are all taking care of yourselves. I do care about you all, so just remember you are not alone! Sending lots of hugs.

Okay, in a complete 180 here, the theme request this week is demons! I want to give a big shoutout to Ella J. Smyth for letting me know particular tags for her books. So helpful!

I haven’t read all these books, but they all sound interesting. I hope some of them spark an interest in you!

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

Black Flames: Ember 1 (Ember Series) by Madilynn Dale
Black Flames: Ember 1 (Ember Series) by Madilynn Dale
Amazon Description

Ember believes she's a latent wolf until she finds herself facing a demon using hellfire. The black flames trigger something within her and the world as she knows it is dumped on its head. Has her entire life been nothing but a lie?Tied to the future Alpha via contract, she seeks an escape to find her true mate. Confused by the emotions surrounding her discovery, she sacrifices herself to save her pack and is taken to hell. With a false engagement and memories erased, she finds herself part of a larger plan. Can she fulfill her role and manage to return home without her secret being discovered?
Blood and Midnight (The Witch's Monsters Book 1) by Sarah Piper
Blood and Midnight (The Witch’s Monsters Book 1) by Sarah Piper
Amazon Description

Three sexy-but-psycho monsters. The witch they're determined to protect. And a high-stakes heist about to go very wrong…

I've made some pretty questionable choices in my life—dabbling in necromancy, double-crossing vampires—but summoning the dark goddess to save my sisters? That was just plain stupid.

Now I’m in her debt, and goddesses don’t exactly do payment plans. She wants the blood of the dark fae warlord of Midnight, a realm of exiles where the sun never rises and torture is a competitive sport. It’s a death trap only three men have ever escaped—my newly appointed escorts.

Jax, a terrifying demon whose icy touch leaves me trembling in more ways than one. Hudson, a hulking, fiercely protective gargoyle shifter hiding a past so painful he doesn't speak. And Elian, a cocky fae prick with eyes like molten silver and a heart full of vengeance—a heart that once belonged to me.

I’ll do anything to settle my debts and get back home to my sisters, even if it means teaming up with my infuriating ex and the other sinfully hot psychos for the most dangerous blood heist in history.

But when it comes to the cruel fae warlord, not even my monsters can protect me…

Especially when we discover why the dark goddess really sent us to Midnight.

BLOOD AND MIDNIGHT is the first book in The Witch’s Monsters series, a steamy paranormal and dark fantasy romance featuring a sassy, badass witch and the fiercely protective monsters who’ll destroy anyone who touches her. Expect sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance, damaged guys who hate everyone but their witch, and plenty of dark, supernatural thrills!

Dearly Departed: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Afterworld Academy Book 1) by Katie May
Dearly Departed: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Afterworld Academy Book 1) by Katie May
Amazon Description

All great stories start with a death. In this case, it's my own. Instead of the pearly white gates and yellow brick road leading me to Heaven, my soul is chosen to join Afterworld Academy - an exclusive boarding school to train selected souls on how to manage the Afterlife. Ghosts, Demons, Reapers, and Angels. Classes on how to fly. Studies on the proper way to select souls. Weaponry. Premonition. Oh, and field trips to Hell. Sounds peachy, right? When souls turn up dead, I must work with my four sexy-as-sin mentors to uncover the truth of my new reality. Things are about to take a deadly turn. Welcome to Afterworld Academy where the price of your life. Dearly Departed is book one of a three book series by bestselling authors, Loxley Savage and Katie May. This is a reverse harem romance meaning that the main character won't have to choose between her love interests. This is medium-burn and does contain strong language and sexual themes. Oh, and death. Lots and lots of death. Book one will end in a cliffhanger. *Note from Authors The main character does pass away from cancer (which is how she ends up in the Afterworld Academy). Please keep this in mind while reading, especially if that may be triggering to you. We would love for you to read our book, but we want you to take care of yourself.
Demons in the Bedroom (Paranormal House Flippers Book 1) by Lidiya Foxglove
Demons in the Bedroom (Paranormal House Flippers Book 1) by Lidiya Foxglove
Amazon Description

Have you inherited a creepy old house that needs updated bathroom tiles, a new kitchen, and an exorcism?

Call me: Helena Nicolescu, the best house flipper witch on the east coast.

But I have to admit, I might be in over my head this time. I bought “Lockwood House” at an auction, and the magical community definitely knew something was up, because my rivals were all in on it, including Jake and Jasper, the infuriating wolf shifter twins who think they’re so much better at renovations than me. I overpaid and now I’m stuck with a mess. Floors caving in, 70s carpeting, and…the ghost of an incubus who won’t stop flirting with me while I’m trying to demo.

That’s not the only problem. The former owner’s son seems to be drawn to the place against his own will. My witch radar is going off big time, telling me he has demon blood coursing through his own veins. And the wolves must smell trouble in the air, because they keep sniffing around too. I’ll definitely never tell them that I keep uncovering disconcerting artifacts throughout the house. And more than anything, I won’t admit that they both look pretty good in a tool belt. Why does this house seem like it’s calling trouble to the doorstep?

I have eight weeks to get this done and then I’m putting this mansion on the market and moving on.

Thoughts from Paige

I'm listening to this series right now on Hoopla, and I'm loving the narrations! I had actually read a follow up series before this one, and it's so fun getting to know these characters.

Link to Hoopla

Hell's Reaper: A Reverse Harem Hellhound Shifter Romance (Soul Reaper Academy Book 1) by Rune Hunt
Hell’s Reaper: A Reverse Harem Hellhound Shifter Romance (Soul Reaper Academy Book 1) by Rune Hunt
Amazon Description

Soul Reapers run everything in the Shadow World and in Hell.
They capture runaway souls, make sure demons are not having wild weekends on Earth, and even bring the heir to the throne back to hell. I should have been one. Instead, I ran, leaving Hell behind, hoping my departure will save the place I call home from a horrific vision of its demise.

For two years, I managed to stay away. Then a Soul Reaper shows up, telling me it’s time to head home. While he’s not the first to try to drag me back, he’s the first to succeed in the task. Thankfully, I arrived back in Hell just in time.

Turns out, my vision of Hell falling apart has nothing to do with me taking the throne.

Now, it’s a race against the clock to move through the ranks at the Grim Reaper Academy, find my three hellhounds, and become the ultimate Soul Reaper before the fall of Hell arrives.

Insurrection (Monarchs of Hell Book 1) by R.L. Caulder & M Sinclair
Insurrection (Monarchs of Hell Book 1) by R.L. Caulder & M Sinclair
Amazon Description

You’d think as the princess to the House of Death, that I would be looked at with respect. You would be wrong.

A reject—that’s the best way to describe how I’m treated. All because I’m a hybrid. The Monarchs of Hell revere pure bloodlines and perfection above all else, and in their eyes...I’m a mutt.

Good thing Dear Old Dad, the Grim Reaper, has never once looked at me as anything other than his favorite child. Well, I’m his only child, but semantics.

Suddenly he has tasked me with the job of going to the Council Summit in his place. An event that happens once every century to determine which Royal House will be voted into the Supreme position. A position people would kill for.

Why he thought the person they all regard as trash, is the right person to represent our House is beyond me, but I come to find myself grateful for this chance. Because it allows me to meet them.

The princes of each of the other five Houses who make me feel like an equal for the first time in my life. They ignite a fire within me that I’ve never felt before and it scares me. It’s the type of need that I’ve hoped to never feel due to that side of me... my Succubus side.

Because what they don’t know is that I’m a fatal attraction. A kiss with me is the kiss of death. Literally.

While attempting to convince myself and them that this can’t work, we’re thrown into a war between the six houses for control.

Who will survive in this game of deceit and seduction?

Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in the Monarchs of Hell series which will end in a cliffhanger.

Thoughts from Paige

I devoured this series! I believe I felt irritated about miscommunication and moments of TSTL, but overall I loved it, and ended up getting all the books on audible.

Second Chance Fate: a paranormal romance adventure (Second Chance Academy Book 1) by Ella J. Smyth
Second Chance Fate: a paranormal romance adventure (Second Chance Academy Book 1) by Ella J. Smyth
Amazon Description

Abandoned by family. Forgotten by friends. Found by three boys and a cat.

"One minute, I’m your average high school student. The next, I find myself at a magical academy against my will. All because I killed a few people.

Let me clear up some points: first of all, I didn’t even know I had magic when my powers went out of control. Second, I object to being here. Third, I don’t like the other students. My one roommate is okay, but the other is a total bitch. Plus I miss my parents. Badly.

The only upside is the crusty alley cat that follows me everywhere. And the three cute boys vying for my attention. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had boyfriends before. But never more than one. Seems like the magical world has its own rules.

Now, if I could only convince them to break out with me, I’d be a lot happier. Because there are people who want to drain my lightning power. And that would be a pity, after what I went through to get it..."

This is book one of the Second Chance Academy series, a the-more-the-merrier, medium-burn novel with a HFN.

Thoughts from Paige

Big shout out to the author for letting me know specific tags for this book!

Stolen by Monsters: Falling for the Enemy (Book One) by Luna Pierce
Stolen by Monsters: Falling for the Enemy (Book One) by Luna Pierce
Amazon Description

A fearless assassin, three of her enemies, and a truth she isn’t ready to accept.


I’ve routinely hunted them my entire life, wanting to wipe their kind from this realm.

My deadly accurate aim has kept me alive this long.

Until now.

I miss a shot for the first time and come face to face with my targets.

I should have died.

Instead, these creatures drag me back to their land and hold me captive.

Wes—the commanding demon in charge.
Bo—the sadistic alpha.
Dash—I don’t know what he is, but he’s too cheery for this realm.

After being marked by the alpha and with his venom coursing through my veins—I become a beacon that draws death closer to my doorstep every day.

The only way to survive is to stay close to these monsters.

I told myself I’d go along with their plan only because I had to. But then I realize my hatred has been replaced with…desire and intrigue.

This was never supposed to happen.

Stolen by Monsters is a fantasy/paranormal enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a ruthless heroine, a broody demon, an arrogant alpha, and a mysterious human who has yet to discover what he is.

This is book one of an entirely new series but is set in the same book universe as Luna's prior series, the Harper Shadow Academy.

Note from the author: Previously titled Warrior Captive: The Demon Bringers (Book One)

The Wake: A Reverse Harem Romance (Daughter of Perdition Book 3) by Adell Ryan
The Wake: A Reverse Harem Romance (Daughter of Perdition Book 3) by Adell Ryan
Amazon Description

The end is here.

From the land to the sea, our realm degrades, proving the foretellings prophesied. Soon, the beings of Ceteris will cease to exist, no matter their status or race.

Powerful queens, fallen angels, fierce giants, and hungry demons alike will be taken by the Krisis.

Our eternal punishment will finally end.
But so will everything good that came with it.


Yet, despite our already limited moments, someone — something — is determined to worsen our suffering by stealing what few moon rises and sunsets we have left.

They did not take into consideration my penchant for breaking the rules, though. Determined to make as many more memories with my men as possible — to experience just a few more sunsets entwined — I intend on reclaiming every stolen second.

If it is the very last thing I do before the lick of flames consumes us…

The Fallen will rise.

Vice College For Young Demons: The Complete Collection by Marie Mistry
Vice College For Young Demons: The Complete Collection by Marie Mistry
Amazon Description

Vice College For Young Demons: It's beautiful, deadly, and at the centre of Lilith's problems. Being a student there is not for the faint of heart, and it gets more and more dangerous every year.

When Lilith does the unthinkable and grows horns in her first two weeks, she catches the eye of some powerful people who want her dead. If the horns weren't enough, she's also a Succubus and the Syndicate will do anything to eliminate her before her powers can pose a threat to them. Fortunately, she's also attracted the attention of the Strange God—the demonic deity—who gifts Lilith seven irresistible mates to protect her.

But the more she fights just to stay alive, the more Lilith and her men get drawn into a conflict that will shake the very foundations of demonic society.

No one said being the Strange God's Chosen would be easy.


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