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The request of the day is demon reverse harem books. I took way too long with this post because at least half of these are something I wanted to just sit down and read immediately. I guess i’m on an end-of-the-world/demon/monster kick at the moment, just in time for the holidays! HA!

I hope you can find something sinful to read below.

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Be well, and happy reading!

Amazon Description

Let’s see if we can finally free that demon inside of you, Mary.

Mary was content with living a mediocre human life. She had found a routine that included couch surfing, scamming, and a little bit of petty larceny. She never thought she would end up being one of the most powerful creatures in Hell.

While celebrating her twenty-first birthday, Mary thought she deserved a little fun, so she followed a sexy beast of a man out into the back alley of the club where she was celebrating. A few minutes of making out was all she enjoyed before three more men, just as sexy, emerged from the shadows. They said they were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and she was a female of great lineage. After being kidnapped and forced to live in a mansion in Hell, they told Mary that she would have to compete to earn the title of their companion. They kidnapped her, and then they wanted her to want them? It was too crazy, but at the same time, Mary found herself falling for each of them.

Conquest, the protector, and source of neverending passion.
Famine, the sweet and innocent one that Mary wanted to corrupt.
War, the one who rarely took anything serious unless it came to pleasure.
And Death, the one who hated Mary and hated how much he wanted her.

Was Mary insane for actually thinking of falling in love with her captors? Most definitely. But the more she fell for them, the more she learned about herself and the power that had been hidden from her for so long.

This is the first in the Consort of the Apocalypse Series. This is a reverse harem paranormal romance with the occasional steamy scene. The story ends on a slight cliffhanger.

Thoughts from Paige

I read chapter one of the sample and had to force myself to stop to finish the post. The writing seems good, and the plot sounds absolutely delicious. I cannot wait to read this.

Update: This was originally published on Kindle Vella as a serial.  The book reads that way.  There is also jealousy and 'the other woman' trope.  Just FYI, I know some of you like that and others don't.

Amazon Description

What started as the best night of my life, quickly turned into the last. Death was only the beginning. Luz’s world is flipped upside down when she discovers that she’s a Reaper. But not everything in her new life is going to be easy. She soon learns that the afterlife is in chaos, souls and reapers are disappearing, and she is the only one capable of stopping it. The question is, how? When she unexpectedly finds herself in the demon realm she is forced to fight for her life. Unfortunately, their leader decided she is to be his queen and will stop at nothing to have her. Luz barely escapes with her life and the souls she was seeking. Now they have answers, but at the cost of an all out war. Thankfully she has three sexy Master Reapers willing to fight alongside her. They have to work as a team to infiltrate the demon realm once again and find the reapers and souls they’ve taken hostage. Will they be able to overtake the demons and save the missing souls, or will the afterlife as they know it fall at the hands of the enemy? If you love gritty paranormal stories with high steam, men who will stop at nothing to protect their mate, and a kickass main character who would stop at nothing to save her family, then you will love the City of Souls Duet! Death Trap is a re-write of the original City of Souls. It has been expanded and edited. This book does contain on page violence and attempted SA.
Amazon Description

I’ve been sucked through a portal into faery along with five of the sexiest supernatural men. Now we have to work together to solve a series of puzzles before time runs out.

I’m a failed mage who’s been hiding out from the supernatural community for years when a hot demi-god from my academy days shows up on my doorstep. Emrys is calling in a favor so I can’t refuse, but one look at him, and I kinda don’t want to anyway.

I love my mundane life but I’ve sorely missed my magical community. Plus, keeping my broken magic secret means my dating options are nonexistent. What could it hurt to spend a few hours dipping my foot back into the supernatural pool for future fantasy material?

When my negotiation with the grudge-holding fae, Taneisha, goes south, what I’d thought would take a couple of hours suddenly turns into a multi-day quest. If we fail, the men’s heirloom legacies will be destroyed. I have no idea what she’ll do to me if we fail, but maybe these new marks on my shoulders are connected?

Hell’s bells! The first legacy on the line belongs to the panther shifter, Marcos. We’re on the clock and my magic is bursting under the stress, which never works out well.

How am I supposed to keep my broken magic hidden from these men, especially when they’re so protective and attentive, never taking their eyes off of me? At any moment I could slip up and show my magic for what it is: erratic and unstable. But I must keep my power in check or I’ll risk the wrath of my family when the secret is revealed.

The only option I have is to outsmart a fae at her own game. Here’s hoping those years strategizing as a dungeon master pay off.

This is book one of six in the Stolen Legacy series. This is an action adventure why choose steamy romance where the female main character has more than one love interest. Includes m/m.

Amazon Description

When you're Queen of the Demons and your man understands your need to have more than one, so what do you do? Collect another 7!
A Queen. Her mates. A father to rescue. A brother who betrays.
Hell just got a new ruler and it's going to be a wild ride.

Being Queen of the Demons is an easy gig. Rule, discipline, a maim here and there, and most importantly, have fun while I'm doing it.

Until this suddenly doesn't fulfil me anymore. I'm searching for more. Something meaningful. The Devil isn't supposed to feel, and yet...
I don't expect it to come in the form of several mates, each one satisfying a different part of me and accepting that I need more than one.

As I search for a way to save my father from the fate that put me in power, I'm blindsided by my twin's betrayal and the feelings that consume me.

Can I rescue my father, save my kingdom from the strange goings-on, all the while being everything I need to be to keep my mates happy?

✅ All kinds of Monsters!
✅ Strong FMC
✅ Obsessive Psychos
✅ Smexy Action

If you like a dark, dirty & depraved, no holds barred FMC, a possessive Horseman of War, the scarred and tormented to the downright sexy and seductive, then this dark, dirty and dangerous Monster RH Romance with a circle of 7+ is for you!
Series includes scenes of M/M & F/F.
Contains triggering situations.
Start this bestselling series by USA TODAY bestselling author, Eve Newton.

Thoughts from Paige

It looks like this has both MM and FF. It's a complete series and made it on the best sellers list, and I am hoping to get to it as it's been on my TBR for a fair bit now.

Amazon Description

Three demon princes and one tortured soul with no memory… we’re a match made in Hell. When my final escape attempt from Hell's cages is thwarted by three sinfully sexy demon princes, Lucifer decides to offer me a deal. All I have to do to win his esteem is guard these three on Earth and bring them back safely. Easy, right? Wrong. These boys have no intention of returning to Hell, and as far as they’re concerned, I’m standing in their way. But after a little unexpected hellfire, an assassination attempt, and an unfortunate spell that won’t let us move more than ten feet from each other, it appears someone has other plans—for all of us. There’s a deeper secret here than my princes’, and it’s turning deadly. Sticking together is our only option for now, but the more I get to know them, the harder it becomes to remember why I should run. They're vicious and mean, but there’s a different kind of heat building between us than the flames I’m used to, and when a strange cord appears to bind us together, that fire becomes impossible to ignore. If I’m not careful, I’ll get burnt. The problem is, this might be the one fire I’d gladly burn in. Warning: Hellcat Escaping is a reverse harem novel with multiple love interests, and as the first in a trilogy ends on a cliffhanger. Intended for mature readers, it contains dark fantasy elements regarding violence and assault, along with sexual content that some readers may find offensive. Please proceed with caution.

Thoughts from Paige

I LOVED this book. Looking forward to book 2.

Amazon Description

The Monster King wants to play…

It's been 1097 days and 14 hours since I've been locked in this place.

And they've come to me every night.

The monsters in my dreams worship my body.

And when I wake up, I'm desperate for more…

But they’re never there to finish me off.

Dr. Adams says I can leave the asylum if I start to take my meds, but I've always hated how they made me feel...and I'm not sure that I agree with them that I'm actually crazy.

Because dreams don’t make you crazy, right?

I've got to start living someday I finally take the plunge and obey so I can get out.

My dreams stop, and the monsters disappear. I’m finally starting a new life.

And that's when he comes...the monster king.

Evidently my little dreams, weren't just dreams. And he and his demon horde were feeding off my lust.

Their glowing eyes, sharp teeth, and big…

They’re all real.

The Monster King wants me back. I’m their favorite plaything after all.

And I just might want to play.

* * *

Monster’s Temptation is book 1 in this deliciously monstrous duet. Book 2 is Monster's Obsession.

Thoughts from Paige

Just an FYI there is a review indicating that the kindle version is not the same as the paperback version.  I cannot verify either way.  If anyone can let us know in the comments below, that would be great!

Amazon Description

You think your parents are bad? Try having the devil as your father. I'd had enough of all the expectations and rules that come with being the next in line for Hell’s throne. I was tired of the constant fight over my so-called duty. There was only one answer - to run away to the human realm. My only goal---to prove to the old man that I could be free and make a name for myself, without the stigma of being Lucifer's daughter to bolster me. Years pass and I'm on the cusp of making a multi-million dollar deal when four Otherworld beings show up, demanding that I return to Hell. This wasn't my fathers first attempt at luring me back to him, but this was the first time he found the right kind of temptation---bait so sexy that I was sure to fall into his trap. Too bad for him I was not so easily fooled. I can out seduce a casanova. I can play fist-a-cuffs with a beast. I can out maneuver a general. And I can roll the dice with a gambler. Because these four men have never danced with the devil’s daughter before, and I never lose. Author Note: This is a standalone novel about a she demon, her four horsemen, and the hilarious road it took five headstrong beings to come together... Oh and a crazy celestial family to boot. This book is extra spicy with lots of sex, a reverse harem where the FMC gets all the men.
Amazon Description

Val's fate had already been decided. Ever since that fall night five years ago, nothing mattered. She just waited to die. The problem was, no one else seemed to understand that. Until she met Dev, he wanted freedom too and cared about her despite her evil actions. Maybe it was because he was a demon, or perhaps it was because he was her twin flame.

At least that's what she believed until she was transferred to a different unit at Forest Haven. A unit filled with monsters. Death should have been simple surrounded by creatures, but that's when things got complicated and Val wasn't so sure that her death was the only answer.

She didn't have powers like the others, the only common link was she was a killer too. A different kind of monster. The twins, Gideon and Ren, watched every move she made, but she didn't know if it was because they wanted to befriend her or get rid of her. The secrets Dev kept made her uncertain if she could still trust him and her new psychic friend Bela assured her that Dev only did things to benefit himself.

Val's plan for death or escape seems impossible and forces her to make choices that will destroy any chance of redemption.

Author’s Note: This is a dark paranormal reverse harem series with enemies-to-lovers vibes. Please see the book preview for content and trigger warnings. This book ends on a small cliffhanger.

Amazon Description

I came to them on a whim, hoping they could shield me.August, Cass, and Nico. The agreement they made means they’ll protect me, but they don’t have to like it… or me.
As a pain-eater, it sucks that I can’t do anything to ease my own pain at being stuck with three guys who hate my guts.
Somehow, I wound up covered in their brother’s blood with him missing, presumed dead. The geas on my tongue means I can’t reveal the truth. The fog in my head means I’m not sure what the truth is.
After a deathbed confession turns out to be a little premature, I find myself in a whole heap more trouble.
Now, I’ve got a loan shark on my back wanting to use my special skill set, plus my three alpha hole guys who need my help to find their brother.
They need me. I need them. Should be easy to work together, right?

Shadow Chaser is part one of three of a paranormal romance reverse harem series, meaning that at the end our heroine will end up with a happy ever after with more than one of our guys. It’s a slow burn featuring enemies to lovers, a sweetheart berserker, alpha-hole heroes and a part-demon, pain-eating, gloriously glib heroine.
Also featuring sexually explicit scenes and bad language.

Thoughts from Paige

I really like the premise of the book.  Our FMC is a type of demon that eats pain, not sure I've come across that before. I liked the bit of the sample I read, and have downloaded the book.

Amazon Description

"She is too sinful to be Divine and too righteous to be Damned." Nocturna; a hybrid, an all around smart ass, and the owner of The Apothecary, a night club for all the denizens that walk the earth to play amongst humans, is about to have her life altered by the Creator of all. The last Arbiter has fallen and a new one must be chosen, one of both Divine and Damned blood. She will be both judge and executioner for the supernatural races, choosing how to punish or bless the souls brought before her. Within her first week with her new status, Damned from all over are disappearing and disturbing videos of Damned being tortured and killed are surfacing. When Lord Monroe, one of The Infernal leaders of the Damned, becomes one of those who are missing, the Damned begin to point their fingers at The Rites; the Divine soldiers who are part of The Order of Abel. The clock is ticking, and it is her responsibility to find who is responsible and pass judgement. With the help of Enoch, an Infernal of the Damned, and Larkan, a Rite of the Order, Nocturna travels to Lord Monroe's estate, hoping to find clues as to what happened to him and all the others. Her integrity and her heart will be pushed and pulled in all directions as she faces the biggest dilemma of her existence; can she make the decision that is right for the lives of all, not the decision that is easiest for her. Will she stay true and lead the world into peace? Or will she choose sides like all the Arbiters before her and lead them all to destruction? **This is a Reverse Harem Dark Romance that is recommended for ages 18+. There are elements of violence, such as torture and a body count, and steamy scenes that are sure to light you on fire. If you’re into that sort of thing, then boy do we have the book for you!


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