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Wreaking Havoc on my Heart: Brutal Boys of the Mafie 2.5 by T.R. Oldin
Publication Date: November 10, 2023
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Laney I’m the nice girl. The one who wears pink. The one who will sacrifice my own happiness for the ones I love. I’m on a new mission with my best friend to help save her from her nightmare. But along the way I find myself fighting another kind of battle. A battle for my heart. Two men hold the key and the thing is, I don’t want to have to choose. They both bring out a side of me I didn’t know I needed. One makes me stronger and prevents me from being scared of the dark. He sees me and everything I could be. The other makes me smarter and helps me look at problems from new angles. He challenges my mind while being my safe space. He’s my comforter, my protector. He was with me first, but it turns out he isn’t too good at sharing his toys. So, you tell me: What happens when a girl like me asks two men, who are very set in getting their way, to share? Because it’s wreaking havoc on my heart. Havoc I shouldn’t like her. I shouldn't be falling for her. She’s too young, too innocent. But when she asks me to train her, I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself. She’s a light in the darkness, a unicorn who cannot be tamed. She makes me remember the good in my life and not just the pain. She’s made it clear she wants me to share, and I’m all in. But what happens when one of the players won’t play nice with others? The only solution I can seem to find is to show him how much he belongs with us. I just have to hope that me proving a point doesn’t send him running away. This is considered book 2.5 in The Brutal Boys of the Mafie series. The novella will contain everything happening in the background of book two (Mafie Trials) as well as teasers for book 3. It should be read after Mafie Kings and Mafie Trials. Warning: This book is a DARK secret society romance. It contains graphic content of abuse, assault, and murder that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you have any triggers or are even remotely unsure, please heed the note at the beginning of this book. It also contains explicit sexual content that is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This is a why choose/reverse harem, meaning the main female character will end up with multiple men in the end. It is written in Multiple POV.
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