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Wolf Hunted (Rejected Moons Book 1) by J.L. Wilder
Publication Date: January 24, 2022
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He was my fated mateuntil I became the one he was hunting.
That was the night he rejected me forever.

Ever since I was old enough to want a mate, I wanted Victor.
Together we were going to be the greatest Moon Caster hunters in our pack.
The night Victor was assigned to be my alpha mate, I never worried he’d reject me.
But then we found out who I really was….

Now Victor is hunting me. And our mate bond is still there.
I’m tormented by the fact he’s nowhere near me, but I have to keep running.
I crave him as much as I hate him.

I can’t be a Moon Caster. They ruined our world.
Everything I have been taught to hate is who I have become.
I need to find answers. I need to do what I know best.
I will hunt the Moon Casters and I will make them my prisoners,
Before anyone else makes me their own.

18+ Only. This is a reverse harem romance story where the heroine has multiple love interests and contains a BIG cliffhanger!!!

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