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When Wolves See The Stars: A High Heat MFMM Fated Mates Romance (Chasing Constellations Duology Book 1) by Ahnna J Wright
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Born of a witch and wolf, I’m destined for something.

Some say that it’s to bring our kind destruction, some say that it’s to bring our kind freedom.

When three men are hired to hunt me down, I find myself back in the world I shunned thirteen years ago. Marrock, an ancient alpha, believes that I’m destined to rule our races- the prophesized Omen.

The problem is- the three men he hired are my mates, and now they refuse to let me go.

The four of us are outcasts, both witches and wolves wanting to see us dead. Sargon, a mercenary witch with dark magic, is shunned by the covens. Aloros and Zaidu, both lone murderous alphas, are hated by the packs. Then there’s me- the cherry on top of our mismatched group.

The goddess says I’m the bridge between witches and wolves, and the only soul that can stop the rising darkness. I want nothing to do with that, but fate has other plans.

The world will change when wolves see the stars.

No longer on amazon :( -Paige

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