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Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Soar (A Fated Mates Reverse Harem Romance) by Ellie Horn
Publication Date: November 10, 2023
Amazon Book Description

Seems that my destiny revolves around the number three. Three monsters, when even one is a ton of trouble. The toothy demon inside my Centaur wants to come out and play. The Dragon’s snarly inner fiend has its heart and a few other things firmly fastened upon me. And the third— Well, the third is perhaps the most dangerous of them all. Whatever happened to the boy next door? Fate obviously knew I wasn’t the neighborly type... The Warrior Hearts Academy Centaur Trilogy is a DARK, slow-burn, paranormal/fantasy romance where the strong female main character has many love interests that she doesn’t have to choose between. A Happily Ever After is guaranteed in book three. The subject matter within is only suitable for mature readers. To avoid spoilers, if you have specific triggers, please contact the author to discuss whether this trilogy is right for you.
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