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Vicious Chaos (Steel Roses Book 3) by Samantha Bee
Publication Date: January 30, 2022
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I never cared if I lived or died.

For eight years I lived as a mess of broken pieces that never could fit back together quite right.

Eight years of training. Of building an empire. Of fighting. Of just surviving. Of letting my heart beat for revenge.

Only revenge.

Eight years of not really living at all.

While I was living half a life, I didn’t realize all that was being built up around me.

A home. A family. A place to belong.

Ways to soothe my broken edges until I feel almost whole again.

Something to lose. Something to miss. Something to protect.

I don’t wanna die anymore. But I’ll never give up my revenge.

Good thing it’s not just me seeking vengeance anymore.

Lines are drawn. Moves are made.

New alliances are formed while old ones burn to the ground.

We are done holding back, even if it mean the streets of St Graves are stained red.

Let’s go to war.

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