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Vampire's Secret: A Reverse Harem Vampire Romance (Vampire Courts Series Book 3) by Anna Santos
Publication Date: December 30, 2021
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Victoria wanted a new life, clean of nightmares and bad life decisions. Seemed easy, right?She didn't know old, buried memories would surface and haunt me.It's painful to live with the demons lurking out to get me, but I have to endure for the sake of my knights.They count on me. I can't disappoint them. Too many lives depend on my sanity and will to survive--including the life of my unborn child.One last trial to face and win so we can be free from the Sovereign Queen's jealousy and grudge. But as we find out, this is the hardest and twisted challenge we've ever faced. She wants us dead!The Vampire Courts can be ruthless, but my unique condition arises interest among the powerful clans and royals from other countries.With new allies and a secret weapon, I'll face my former sister's challenge with a smile on my face. But if anything happens to us, the ones who survive will bring hell upon her and her tyrannic ruling.Margaret has no idea who's she's messing with.Let the game begin.
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