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Twisted Protectors (2 book series) by Tyler Parker
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From Book 1: Zane, Daniel, and Blaze - My Protectors.
The men I must fall in love with to save the world... wait, what?

Imagine my excitement when I find out there's more to my dreary life and that I'm powerful beyond my wildest belief.
In fact, I'm apparently the key to kicking Venom's ass.
But then I learn that I'll only be able to reach my full potential once I fall in love with all my protectors.

Basically, my destiny is that I get to end up with three sizzling hot guys.
It almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Here's the problem:
-Zane is a sweetheart but has a bit of an addiction problem.
-Daniel is hot as sin but also a self-obsessed narcissist.
-Blaze hates the world and everyone in it.
And let's not even talk about my issues.

In a nutshell, my powers are dependent on four broken people that should probably never be together.
Yeah, I don't see that happening...

*Princess Taken is a medium burn paranormal WhyChoose romance, with a careful selection of angst, witty comebacks, and steamy build ups within the harem. Warning: This book contains MM scenes, and references to abuse and addiction, which may trigger some readers. Heat levels also increase over the course of the series.*

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