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Tristan: A fairy tale why choose fantasy romance (Rogue Angels Book 3) by Lilith Darville
Publication Date: November 5, 2023
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Magic mirror on the wall, could this be the most perfect union of all? Sharing love with two fated mates should be enough, but destiny has entwined me with all three brothers. Even after being granted a second chance with Troy and the gift of love at first sight with Tristan, I can't let Cassiel go. When the taint of evil magic turns him feral, I'm his only hope for salvation. But saving Cassiel might cost me my life. Igniting the divine mating bond with Troy and Tristan unleashes a surge of untamed magic I must learn to control. In the battle to protect his brothers, Cassiel defies all rules. Compelled by the sex demon lord Syrael, he agrees to deliver me into darkness. But before Cassiel can fulfill his dark mission, he must break me, using the very magic that consumes him to strip away my free will. He becomes intense, ruthless, and commanding; determined to make me kneel, to sever the bond I forged with his brothers. But severing our divine mating bond will shatter us all. Against Syrael's evil magic, divine love becomes my only weapon. Will he destroy us all before I can save us? Experience the thrilling conclusion of this scorching dark urban fantasy romance where life and death hang in the balance. This sizzling and suspenseful journey is intended for mature readers seeking an intoxicating blend of passion and peril.
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