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TRICKED (TNT - Top Notch Tats - Series Book 1) by Rainy Flower
Publication Date: December 12, 2021
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*This book is in first person*Mistory “Lex” is sporty, fun loving, always singing and a recent college grad. She’s thrilled and ready to start her new adventure. Falling in love with reading at a young age, she’s dead set on becoming an author. Her first story – a tattoo shop romance - has been bouncing around in her head for years. Now she must focus on her future and not let her best friend Victory (Vic), or cousin Shawna, distract her from the writing project. Lex needs to find a tattoo shop and convince them to let her shadow there for a few months to learn everything she can about the art. As luck would have it, Vic’s manager, Marty the A$$h*le, says he can help!But will Lex’s heart survive “The Crew”? ****The Crew all started with “MILK” a group of boys and Sage (the only girl), who played football together as kids. They’ve added new friends over the years and changed their name. The bond, still tight, and friendships even tighter.THE OGs – MILK – It does a body good BABY!M - Masters Brothers - billionaire twins. Lake a regular on Tat Masters the TV show and partner at TNT. Blake is the mega star actor and Hollywood superhero.I – Zeke Irwin – home bound military vet and Sage’s ex-boyfriend.L – Lopez Twins – Gage and Sage millionaire tattoo artists and partners at TNT.K – THE Kelly Brothers – Jace, Seth and Bryson millionaire security and tech geniuses. Pranksters!Top Notch Tats (TNT) has been Gage’s baby since his sophomore year in college. His only dream was to have the best tattoo shop in LA (So Cal). With the group of artists at TNT, they’re killing that goal! Their celebrity clientele and popularity proof of that. It doesn’t hurt that his partners – Lake, Jesse, Sage and the newest Tony are also his family and friends.Anthony “Tony” stepped out of the spot light as a professional football player and is excited to pursue his body mod passion. As a member of The Crew for years, he recently became the newest addition to TNT as the piercer.“Jesse” James is the moody, former artist, who feels lost and stuck in a future career as an accountant out of guilt. He’s been with The Crew since fifth grade, tattooing in his free time and only at peace creating art. His extreme OCD doesn’t allow him to function without his gloves. TRICKED 92K+ words & book 1 in the – TNT Top Notch Tats series - tattoo shop romance, *trigger warning*, adult sexual scenes, 18+, tons of foul language ahead, multiple POVs.
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