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Trapped for Her Blood: The Vampires' Illuminant Book 2 by Mara Leigh
Publication Date: December 16, 2021
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No one escapes from here.

Trapped in a dungeon, three men with dark pasts vow their lives to protect me. Each of them is so different from the others--Ryker & Zuben, vampires who are night & day, and Axe, a bear shifter, who makes my heart stop.

I crave these men. Without them, I'd be dead. To find escape, we must work together.

Secrets slide around us like shadows in wait--some pull us together, while others threaten to tear us apart.

Something powerful is building inside me, something I know is bigger than I ever imagined.

My blood is only one reason I'm hunted, and the powerful vampire who runs this dungeon will stop at nothing to get me under her control.

*This is Book 2 in The Vampires' Illuminant Series, which starts with Auctioned for Her Blood.
Expect a steamy read where the heroine has more than one love interest, but doesn't have to choose.*

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