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Their Broken Doll: Reverse harem dark romance by Maria Warren
Publication Date: June 17, 2022
Amazon Book Description

Erina's family sells her to a pack of wolves. She knows she's there for their pleasure to be used, and then killed, at least that's their intention.
But what they don't know is that Erina isn't willing to accept that fate. She's determined to do whatever is needed to stay alive. The pack thinks they can just use her and throw her away, but when she's done with
them they won't be able to survive without just another moment with her.
Because Erina doesn't want to be their broken doll, she just needs to be their perfect one.
Unfortunately for her, the pack isn't going to make life that easy for her. She's underestimated just what they could want from her and she's about to be pushed to her very limits and beyond for her mistake.
Her bid for survival is about to begin.

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