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The Whispers of the Wind (The Dryad Chronicles Book 3) by Callie Pey
Publication Date: December 20, 2021
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Aurinia's getting everything she thought she waited for. Free from the confines of her tree with Graak at her side, the grove elders begin to challenge his intentions. Only finding the last member of their triad will sort the tense situation out, and there are fewer places to look with each passing day. With the weight and expectations of being a Vasilissa set solely on her shoulders, she struggles with wishing for a simpler life.When the King of the Fae approaches the groves looking for assistance with a deadly air toxin affecting the Fey wilds, Aurinia is forced to deal with her emotions about the world before she’d even set down roots. The Watchtowers urge her for peace and the gods urge her to maintain the course. The situation complicates further when Helio reveals an old scroll of a promise from Voreios to the Seelie Court, one directly involving her.Left confused and infuriated, Aurinia will have to decide between doing what is right for the grove and what is right for her heart. Taking a journey through the knowledge of the past to uncover the future's potential, can she confidently take that next step? Even if doing so puts Voreios back in direct confrontation with the enemy that destroyed them a century ago?This is book 3 of the Dryad Chronicles Series. MFM
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