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The Unitam Realm Series (3 book series) by Sunny Hart
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In the Unitam Realm, power determines where you belong.

Blind, orphaned witch Claire has spent her entire life wondering where she belonged.

She’s grown up in a small coven on the outskirts of the Unitam Realm. While the teasing about her blindness hurts, the ridicule the coven members give her about her orphan status cuts deeper. What kind of disappointment do you have to be to have your parents abandon you?

When the semi-sentient Academy sends her an acceptance letter, she's sure it's a mistake. If she doesn't belong at Windshire, she surely won't belong at the Academy. But what does she have to lose?

As she navigates new friends, intense classes, and professors who seem to be split on whether she will pass or fail, her power starts to unravel inside of her, leaving Claire with more questions about her parents and where she belongs.

And why does the Stonemont Triad (Desmond, the charming wizard, Everett, the silent Gryphon, and Malcolm, the grumbly Dragon) want to get to know a low-level witch like her?”

Join Claire, a blind orphaned witch, and her Triad Mates in the first three books of this series. Other books in the series will stay in the Unitam Realm but will feature other characters.

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