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The Scent of Us: Part One (The Bond Dissolution Omegaverse Book 1) by Eliana Lee
Publication Date: November 30, 2023
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The National Omega Commission has announced they are expanding their experimental clinical trials. This marks the first time omegas have the ability to dissolve bonds without their alpha’s consent. For Juno Liu, who has been forcibly bonded since she awakened, this changes everything. But it turns out breaking her unwanted alpha bonds is the easy part. When Juno encounters her gorgeous scent-matched alpha, she does the only logical thing and runs away. It’s unfortunate she can’t do the same when she perfumes for the sinful new lecturer at her university. And she still can’t stop thinking about the sweet-faced beta who tried his best to keep her safe all those years ago. When Juno’s suppressants start to fail, she’s forced to confront everything she’s afraid of. This alpha-shy omega will have to embark on a trial far more harrowing than bond dissolution - finding a pack to court her. The Scent of Us: Part One is the start of a sweet Reverse Harem MMFMMMM duology, set in the Bond Dissolution Omegaverse.
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