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The Nephilim's Finesse: a hot enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance (War of the Nephilim series Book 3) by Eliza Hampstead
Publication Date: November 16, 2023
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She’s his sworn enemy. But he’s the only one who can make her talk. In a world where ancient grudges run deeper than time itself, the infamous—and hauntingly beautiful—vampire leader Victorija is caught in the clutches of her sworn enemies: the Nephilim. Hell-bent on escaping her captivity and continuing her fight against the magical community, Victorija is determined to keep her secrets buried as deep as her cold, undead heart. Nobody has ever made Victorija talk. The task falls to Raph—a Nephilim leader with a burning vendetta. Despite his every attempt, her lips remain sealed, and he knows that traditional methods won't break her. But when he approaches her with a highly unusual offer, he strikes a curious deal that could draw the vampire leader out of her shell. Hatred simmers between them... but as the weeks pass, their undeniable chemistry deepens, and they’re soon caught in the throes of a passionate—and forbidden—reverse harem with John, Raph's protégé. But tensions are rising...and with the vampires growing stronger, Raph’s time is running out. As boundaries blur and powerful desires are unleashed, Raph he finds himself slowly falling for Victorija—and if he isn’t careful, it could spell his doom. And when Victorija's past resurfaces, it threatens to shatter the fragile bonds she's formed. Her deadly sire returns to the streets of London on a terrifying mission to seize control of her legacy and wipe out everyone Raph loves. To survive, Raph will be forced to trust the one woman who he swore was his mortal enemy… As an electrifying enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance novel, The Nephilim’s Finesse is a scintillating reverse harem adventure that'll sweep you off your feet with high-octane action and plenty of sizzling scenes. Victorija and Raph's unexpected alliance will test the boundaries of love, trust, and forgiveness in a world where enemies become lovers, and the fate of all magical beings hangs in the balance. Will they find a way to unite their fractured worlds and stop the impending cataclysm, or will ancient vendettas tear them apart forever? Scroll up and grab your copy today... * Warning: strong language, steamy scenes (MF, MMF, MFM) and graphic violence inside. * *Trigger warning: As we dive into Victorija's past, this story includes flashbacks from Victorija that mention/describe abduction, blood, death, rape, torture, and animal abuse by side characters.* This book is a standalone, but is best experienced in chronological order.
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