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The Mistress, the Monster and the Marquess: whychoose vampire regency romance by Tamsin Baker & Amelia Shaw
Publication Date: November 30, 2023
Amazon Book Description

Can two possessive and passionate vampires make a relationship work with the one human they are both destined to love? Benedict’s boring existence as a London gentleman is called into question the night he meets Lina, the madame of a local brothel. Under her dominance he finds pleasure so sweet he is hungry for more, but he is not the only one with an appetite to fill. Lina entices the beautiful Benedict into her dungeon only to discover that he is her blood mate. Fear fills her as she enters the unknown, yet the lure of perfect bliss is too much. Antony, Lina’s long time friend and lover, watches Lina and Benedict and cannot help joining in the sexual bliss. Disaster strikes for the tortured hero when he too learns he is Benedict’s blood mate. He must face a past that still devastates him and find a way to make their ménage work. *** Steamy whychoose MMF vampire romance with sword crossing love. This is a re-release of 'First Bite' by Tamsin Baker.
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