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The Love Elevator: A Why Choose/Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance by Roselyn Samuels
Publication Date: November 8, 2023
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After the worst gig of my modeling career, being stuck in an elevator for hours isn’t how I want to end the day. Except I’m stuck with three sexy men who saved me from a terrible situation. Callum, the quiet security guard, would do anything to protect me. He's big, strong, and deadly but looks at me as if I hung the moon. Felix is a spontaneous, fun punk rock star. He's desired by millions all over the world yet only has eyes for me. He's your typical bad boy but has never treated me so good. Malcom, the serious and sexy lawyer, could freeze the tropics with his cold, hard stare. Until he looks at me, and his mask slips. He shows me how much he wants me by inserting himself into every aspect of my life. Three sexy men who are already my heroes, but after hours trapped in an elevator and one bottle of whiskey, we become The Elevator Club. We leave that metal box having formed a friendship. These guys quickly become my best friends, and I can't live without them. The only problem is, I want all three of them as more than friends. I could never choose between them. I'll ignore my feelings to maintain the precarious balance of our friendship. That is until they team up and offer me something that's a big risk with an even bigger reward. ***This is a reverse harem/why choose book that is sweet and steamy and is intended for mature readers only. A small portion of this book contains scenes that some readers may find upsetting, including attempted assault. Please proceed with caution.***
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