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The Glittering Gems (The Genie Whisperer: A Clean Reverse Harem Romance Book 1) by Nicole Eatough
Publication Date: September 15, 2022
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Seven alluring genies. One gifted young woman. Who all will win her heart in this slow burn reverse harem?

After having her whole life dictated by her parents, Ali is determined to gain her independence. She’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her dreams and forge her own path—which does not include relying on the alluring genie suddenly thrust into her life. But when one handsome genie multiplies into three, she fears her plans for independence may be thrown into disarray.

After spending thousands of years enslaved to humanity, working with a human is the last thing on any genie’s mind, but Tavor senses something different about Ali. Aside from her refusal to make wishes, she’s somehow unwittingly stealing genies from their masters—which is supposed to be impossible. Could there possibly be something special about her?

As Tavor pulls Ali deeper into his world, she can’t help but feel compassion for the genies and their fight for freedom. But this new world entangles her in the lives of the genies’ former masters, who are more than eager to kill to reclaim their genies. Can Ali continue to help the genies when doing so not only risks her own dreams, but also her life?

*This series is the equivalent of a mild T or pg-13 rating for some violence and romantic situations.

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