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The Demon Oath: A Paranormal Reverse Harem (Book 2) (The Wolf Oath Series) by Tosha Y. Miller
Publication Date: December 28, 2021
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Piper Heart made a deal with evil to bring her mates back from the dead, to save her best friend's life, and to keep the world from becoming a demon playground.

Now, she’s stuck in the Underworld—in Hell—until she becomes the best demon assassin her master can make her. This new crappy world goes against everything she stands for. But she'll do anything to survive and get back to Earth, back to the people she loves.

She just has to learn, train, and survive the Demon Trails which is made by Lucifer himself. So, it'll be brutal all right. If she can even make it to that point. Her wolf is slowly dying inside her.

Is it possible to survive without her wolf and with her morals intact? Or will she have to become the thing she hates the most?

A demon.

But maybe it's not all bad. Her demon Master is different than she expected. He’s getting under her skin with every kind gesture. Is his kindness a lie? Does he just want to build her up to watch her shatter into a million pieces? There's one thing she knows for sure, if she doesn't survive she'll never get her answers, and no one wants to die in Hell.

The Demon Oath is a full-length novel that contains violence, adult language, and strong conduct.
Urban Fantasy Novel 18+

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