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The Deadly Seven (3 book series) by Cassie Hargrove
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Description from first book instead of series page. -Paige

This is our town. We are the ones who ultimately decide whether you live or die, so be careful what sins you commit.

We’re the Deadly Seven, the rejects, and we represent death to anyone who crosses a line we deem unacceptable.

When she shows up in our town like some innocent avenging Angel, we don’t know what to think…so we watch. And the more we watch, the more obsessed we become.


I’ve been on the run for the past four years. My Dad has done everything in his power to keep me hidden from the man who wants to destroy me, but you can only run for so long before you have to stop.

Officially in Witness Protection, this is supposed to be my chance to finally have a normal life…but nothing is ever foolproof.

If you think it is, you’re naive.

I know I’m being watched. I can feel eyes on me every second of every day. I don’t think I’m as safe here as they want us to believe…

*This is book 1 in a 4 book series that must be read in order.*
**Dark Romance with stalking, non/con, dub/con and much much more. Read TW before attempting to read this series!**
***This is a reverse harem romance where the main character ends up with 3+ men. In this case, 7. If that isn't your thing then this series is not the right one for you. This book will also contain M/M scenes.***

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