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The Brotherhood (3 book series) by Penelope Black
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"Kiss a stranger." Those three words started off a series of events I could have never predicted. Fresh off graduation, I have my entire summer planned out: European vacation with my cousins, college courses, and picking up shifts at work. But then my mom calls and drops the bomb: she's getting married to the rumored head of the Irish mafia. Even though I've been looking out for her for most of my life, we haven't lived together in ten years. So when she invites me to stay with her for the summer, I don't hesitate. And I make a new summer plan: skip the vacation, take online courses, and dig up dirt on Mom's new fiancé. What I didn't plan for was Wolf Fitzgerald--and his brothers. Dangerously good-looking with tattoos and bad attitudes. And my new stepbrothers.

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