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The Boys Who Saved Me (2 book series) by Mia Belle
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My name is Silver Ross, and my mom and I are on the run from my abusive stepdad.

The rain pelts down on us as we trudge through the woods for hours. We might die from hunger. We might die from hypothermia. But then we spot it, the lone house at the edge of the forest. The home of a kind man and his three drop-dead gorgeous sons.

They welcome us in and let us stay the night. In that short time, I start to get to know Noah, Archer, and Hawk. They have pain in their eyes, pain that nearly matches the one I carry in my heart. I wish I could get to know them better, but I don’t think they’re ready to open their hearts. And I’m not sure I’m ready either. It doesn’t matter, anyway, since my mom and I are ready to leave and I’ll probably never see them again.

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