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Spite: Solace Book 2 by Cat Austen
Publication Date: November 24, 2023
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No longer untested, Emily is a part of the family business… that is, if the family business still exists… Emily, Milo, Sterling, and Devon are left alone and challenged for control after their confrontation with Anthony and Matthew. Without money, gangs, or inventory, they must decide if they stay or leave. Do they destroy what was once theirs and put their families at risk? Or do they decide to fight for the power they believe they deserve? Milo reels after losing his uncle and the uncertainties of their future. With old wounds scratched open, a new frenzy for revenge overwhelms him. Milo struggles under the burden of his knowledge of how to destroy their enemies and the risk he could take down the people he loves with them. Confused and enraged at her discoveries about her ex-husband’s extra-curricular activities, Emily dances on the line of powerful woman and murderous villain. When choices of the fate of others are presented to her, she faces the ultimate defining decision. Spite begins where Solace ended, intensifying in violence and sexual content. Spite is the second installment in an adult only mafia romance where the female lead character loves more than one man, and some of those men love each other. Who knew that living in the gray area held so much responsibility?
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