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Soaked in Night (Mad Annie Series Book 2) by Kahaula
Publication Date: December 31, 2021
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6 years. I stopped fighting the darkness inside me and embraced it. Loss has kept me separate from the world, but it has also given me purpose: killing.I’m not who I was. That woman died along with the three people that saved my soul and changed my existence for the better. They taught me to trust myself—to become my darkness. The hukihuki, dark miasmic energy, whispers its secrets to me. It leads me to the worst of the worst. They can hide from everyone else, but they can’t hide from me.I’m one with the night, but I’ve picked up a couple of shadows on my trail.Henri Luca Serra has built a career on my exploits and those who think they’re as dangerous as me. One of the few joys left to me is messing with Interpol’s famous Chief Consulting Director of the Apex Supernaturals Division. Probably why Luca loathes my existence. Rek, whoever he is, has become my personal stalker. Everywhere I go he eventually shows up. One kiss and he was hooked. Too bad for him I’m not interested.I live to punish. To take out the untouchable or unseen evils that taint the world. What else could I live for when the only man I’ve ever loved is dead and I can’t join him?(This is a high steam, slow build why choose/poly/reverse harem involving a woman constantly teetering on the edge of insanity.)**Reader Heads Up: graphic sex, blood/gore, and mental health issues for the female lead. She deals with her situation and PTSD in her own way**

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