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Shade Assassin (4 book series) by Gaja J. Kos
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From Book 1: Even demons have limits. I’m on the verge of reaching mine.

Father branded a traitor. Check.
Employers going behind my back. Check.
Threats on my life. Check.

The shitlist goes on and on.

So, really, the last thing I need right now is another denizen of the Shadow World to deal with. Even if he does offer protection in exchange for my deadly services.

Because everyone has an agenda.

And pledging myself to someone I’d rather see commanding me in bed than from the throne isn't without consequences.

Fans of Diana Rowland, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Jennifer Estep will love the scorching MFM menage romance between a stabby assassin heroine, a demon lord she finds too hot for her own good, and a sin-worthy vampire, spiced-up with murderous suspense that will keep you glued to the pages and craving more!

SHADOW WORLD is the first book in the COMPLETE Shade Assassin series, perfect for a binge-read! One-click to get your copy today!

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