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Saving Her Wolves (Hungry for Her Wolves Book 8) by Tara West
Publication Date: December 19, 2021
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The darkness that haunts him, threatens to destroy us all…

I thought Jovan had returned to me, but he’s still lost. He’s a shell of the brave wolf I once knew, distant to me and his brothers. I have done everything I can to heal him, but it’s not enough to purge the demons from his soul. He can’t access his wolf or his mighty protector. Shame drives him further away.

There’s only one thing left to be done, Jovan’s last chance to heal, and I’m that desperate to save him I just might do it. But how can I ask his sons to do the unthinkable? To return to the one place that can doom a wolf to an eternity of misery: the forest of every wolf’s nightmares.

BONUS NOVELLA INCLUDED: A Romanian Shifter Christmas

Tor, Skoll, Van, and Arvid Thunderfoot have been waiting for almost two years to bond with the beautiful Romanian, Mihaela. When dark forces threaten to do her harm, they’ll stop at nothing to save her, even scaling mountain peaks in the dead of winter.

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