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Running from love: A Second Chance Fake Dating Romance (Your Ours Series) by Teal Rose
Publication Date: November 29, 2023
Amazon Book Description

Letting go can be as easy as giving in. Or so everyone says…but according to Jasmine Grant, retired world-renowned singer, letting go can mean leaving the only family she’s ever known. But what will happen when a once in a lifetime opportunity comes knocking at her door. Will she give in and explore her deepest fantasies? Or will she run away? Tycoons Gabriele Sabino, Antonio Russo, and Wren Costa were closer than family. They had practically everything in their lives handed to them on a platter. The trio had everything they could ask for, but the one thing that eluded them. With nothing to lose, they decided to shake things up. What would happen when the foursome connects? Would there be sparks? Or would it be another failed relationship? Note: This is a standalone MMFM Why Choose romance story.
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