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Royally Mated: A Celestial Souls Inc. Why Choose Dragons Romance (Shifted Hearts) by Godiva Glenn
Publication Date: November 18, 2023
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One Curvy Fae + Three Primal Dragon Shifters = Sparks and Flames FlyingFianni has been looking for love for a while, but for this aspect of Harmony, it's surprisingly hard to find. After ending a relationship going nowhere, she consults Celestial Soulmates Inc, and is connected with one of their love experts. Lucky for Fianni, they have just the match in mind. Liam is the shifter king of Nova Solara, and he rules along with his council, Rask and Arron. These three men aren't just drop-dead sexy, they're alpha dragons who happen to be busy fighting each other when they aren't fighting everyone else. As Fianni finds herself in the middle of a rising insurrection, she discovers that the dragons have to find a single mate or they'll lose the crown. With so much on the line, she has to wonder: Do they want true love? Or is she their royal compromise?
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