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Princess And The Bodyguards: An Age Gap Mafia Reverse Harem Romance by Raven Blaire
Publication Date: July 27, 2022
Amazon Book Description

I’m hiding from the mob when I should be running from my irresistible bodyguards.

I’ll do anything to avoid my life ending like my mother's…

Dead from a rival gang's bullet.

So when my father sends me into hiding,

I don’t question him. Because I have them.

Xander, Cash, Hunter & Lucas–my bodyguards.

Sexy, badass, older Mafia Gods.

Hired to protect me.

But they possess me.

They’re fierce and relentless in their mission to keep me alive.

And savage and merciless in their desire to own me.

The attraction between us is insane.

Forced into spending long days and hot nights together

fuels the fire between us.

Sleeping with a boss's daughter isn’t in their job description.

And when daddy finds out we’ll have more to worry about than the men hunting me down.

Because my father will do anything to save me,

And they’ll do anything to keep me…

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