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Pack Solace Part One: An Omegaverse Reverse Harem Romance by Charm Harlow
Publication Date: July 23, 2022
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A boat accident shattered our beach town and left many of us torn by grief. It’s been a year but the wounds in my heart have barely healed. Honestly, with how my life is going, maybe they never will.

Goldilocks-ing my way into the home of three alphas is sure to add to my problems. Everyone knows omegas like me— vulnerable and relentlessly sought after — aren’t safe around stranger alphas so my decision to crash at their penthouse is… unwise, to say the least.

But stumbling into Kai, Jax and Lucas’s lives may be the only way to stop bleeding. Not just for me, but for them, too...

This novel is a reverse harem romance in the Omegaverse, the first part of Pack Solace. It features a traumatized heroine, three protective, possessive alpha men who are also sweet and caring to their omega, and spicy scenes, some with MM.

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