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Once Upon a Faerie: Fae Rebel Academy by Violet Fox
Publication Date: January 25, 2022
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They say true love can break the curse... But that only happens in fairy tales.

My life is far from magical. I’m homeless and living on the streets with my little sister, but we make the best of what we got.

Everything was going to plan. All I had to do was find a job, and then my baby sister and I can create a fresh start.

But then one cold, winter’s night, I’m arrested for stealing, and then the authorities sent me to Fae Rebel Academy: a reform school for rebellious fae.

The school is governed by vampires. They have always been on top, ruling over all supernatural races, and the fae are at the bottom of the pecking order. The school shapes us up to be upstanding citizens, but really, we’re nothing but slaves. We do their bidding, their chores...

The vampires have a particular interest in me. That’s because I’m the rarest fae of all—a faerie. And the dean in question has set his sights on me...

I refuse to fall prey to such a beast. But he’s not the only male I have to deal with at the academy. There’s the dean’s guard dog too, a broody werewolf with a major chip on his shoulder, and a cool elfin bad boy with a knack for creating ice displays.

One day, I will break free of my prison and reunite with my sister. And then I will set all the fae free and remove the vampire scourge for good.

That’s if I can keep my head above the clouds, and not fall for three hot, supernatural guys.

This is a medium-burn upper young adult book that is best suited for ages 16 and up. This series will feature a female character with multiple love interests.

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