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Neck-Romania: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Neck-Romancer Book 8) by Elizabeth Dunlap
Publication Date: November 10, 2023
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Goddess, this is it. This is the end. Jaz’s long awaited honeymoon should be a time of joy, but she finds herself consumed with fear after everything she and her five husbands have been through. While prepping to resurrect her beloved father, she can’t help but wonder what took him in the first place, what sinister plot had he discovered that ended his life? Determined to uncover the truth, Jaz and Alec head straight into the lion’s den, taking their place beside the most powerful witches in the world. As she struggles to find answers, Jaz meets a mysterious wizard with secrets of his own, secrets that have been buried for centuries, secrets that will destroy everything she loves. Can Jaz trust him with their future, with everything they have at stake? Or will the destruction in his wake consume them all? Neck-Romania is the final book in the Neck-Romancer series, a medium burn reverse harem paranormal romance. This book has an 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences.
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