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My Pack Mates: Reverse Harem Romance by Lilly Wilder
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Previously published as The Wolf Pack by Lilly Wilder

I’ve always known I was different and somehow I gravitated to the dark side of my personality.
I felt boys my own age were insecure and immature.
They would say and do anything to get some.

It was never lost on me how my father and mother would stop talking when I entered a room.
There was a secret and I felt it was in bad taste to leave me in the dark.
They weren’t blood but I still thought of them as my family.

Having one green eye and one blue certainly did make me stand out from the crowd.
I lived in this tiny bubble but I suspected that there was something bigger in my future.

I had no idea it was going to revolve around wolf shifters and my destiny to mate with not just one but three of them.
It wasn’t going to be easy to choose.
There was no running away.

Why was this happening to me?
What made me so special and why did other packs feel it was necessary to neutralize me?

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