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Mafia Bosses: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance (Mafia Devils Book 2) by Stephanie Brother
Publication Date: November 28, 2023
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If I hadn’t kissed him, we’d be dead. My chance encounter with the brutally handsome man and his two best friends plunges me into a dark underworld I never wanted to visit. I’m a nurse, and I’ve seen the results of violence, so I should hate these ruthless mafiosos. But Matteo, Cesare, and Lorenzo somehow slip under my guard. My pulse races every time they’re near. They’re bossy and controlling, but they make me feel safe. I’ve never men who will lay their lives on the line for each other—or for me. The more time I spend with them, the more the danger increases. But is the danger from outside forces that want to take them down? Or from the longing in my heart? MAFIA BOSSES is a dark mafia reverse harem romance with a happy ever after ending. It's part of the Mafia Devils series, standalone romances with characters who continue to make appearances.
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