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Just A Little Pixie Dust: Magnolia Mysteries Series (The Magnolia Mysteries Series Book 1) by Leah Diane
Publication Date: December 10, 2021
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Sarabella, or well, Tink isn't exactly your normal fairy. Better known as the very much so aggressive and attitude ridden fairy Tinker Bell, she's taken on a new life, form and job living among humans in a town full of other fairy tales run by none other than Jacob Grimm.She's now a full time detective and rather human apart from that one thing that all creatures of old fairy tales hold. The ability to take any form of mortal blow and still heal from it -- The only thing they can't heal from is a deadly blow from a cursed object from their worlds.Still fiery as ever though, she's got a whole new breed of story to tell everyone.****Welcome to Magnolia, Louisiana a rather unknown town that’s both not too big or too small, in fact it’s just the perfect size for all that inhabit the place. There’s only one thing with this town though - it’s full of Fairy Tale creatures from various stories and various Authors and for the most part they do their best to keep humans from ever wandering inside of the town.Though the world has assumed that those from the books could never be real and that the majority of these Authors are dead that’s not entirely true - at all. As it stands Jacob Grimm is still alive, and working to keep those he can in line within’ Magnolia and even going as far as hiring Sarabelle Darling. Someone none of them ever thought would be hired into such a spot, especially with her background.Sarabelle has been working for Jacob for the past 15 years as a Detective in the small Police Station they run, along with other very hard working and amazing cops. But things take a turn for the worse when it seems that Jacob and Sarabelle both are being targeted for some reason and when Jacob goes missing that’s when things get really bad. Sarabelle is forced to go into hiding and look for whoever has been doing this before it’s too late for Jacob.

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