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Hybrid Reclaimed (Hate to Love Shifters Book 4) by J.L. Wilder
Publication Date: December 2, 2021
Amazon Book Description

I've been rejected for being a half-breed; tortured for protecting my mates.Now the fae want to steal my child—they don't know my power.There was a time when I believed that the only man who could possibly love me was a runt.A runt who threw me away and treated me like garbage. I know better now. My child has four fathers; shifters who will stop for nothing to protect their blood.I'm not just a little lost wolf anymore. My harem is my army, and we will tear the fae apart.They may burn our homes. They may drink our blood.But they cannot sever the bond I have with my mates.They cannot destroy the strength of a hybrid reclaimed.18+ Only. Final book in the Hate to Love Shifters series. This story contains multiple love interests and an HEA.

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