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Hemlock Academy : The Complete Series by Kelsey Soliz
Publication Date: December 6, 2021
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I was so close to getting everything I wanted, an internship with my Uncle, an officer with the special-ops team. If it weren't for a stupid boy that had to go and make me angry, causing me to turn a certain part of his anatomy purple and sparkly, I wouldn't have accidentally revealed to my family what I really was. What I had been hiding. Now, my father is making me attend the school he headmasters, a stuck-up elite academy that will never take a bodysmith like me seriously. Fate may have cursed me with six mate spots to fill, but that doesn't mean I need to tell everyone my true purpose for being at the academy. If I can survive the other petty circulators at the school that think they're queen bee, and hide my own status from everyone, I just might be able to find the six men that I don't really want. They might think I'm inconsequential, but I'm determined to carve out my own happiness, no matter what it takes.

This is the entire four book series in one place, with bonus prologue, epilogue, and added scenes. Smuttiness guaranteed.
There is m/m content and this is a slow-building reverse harem which means the main character has more than one love interest and she collects them slowly over the course of the series. You can expect absurdity and humor while reading this, and the inability to put it down. You've been warned.

18+ because we must protect the children.

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