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Hell's Fire Burning (3 book series) by Jade Bones
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From Book 1: Cages after cages. That's all I see around me.

I’ve been in Hell so long, I don’t remember who I was before this. How did I die? What did I do to earn the worst torture this place has to offer?
Just kidding—I don’t give a crap. Whatever I did, no one deserves this; it’s time to get out of here. The only problem is, my escape is thwarted by three spoiled demon princes begging to go topside. And now Lucifer, the Devil himself, has stuck his unfairly attractive nose in.
Lucifer promises I can work off some of my debt by guarding these three troublesome princes and keeping them out of mischief. My princes have other plans—beginning and ending with my personal hell on earth, since that’s apparently all a feral soul like me deserves.
I’ll show you what I deserve.
Saddle up, boys. You’re riding with me, now.

Warning: Hellcat Escaping is a reverse harem novel with multiple love interests, and as the first in a trilogy ends on a cliffhanger. Intended for mature readers, it contains dark fantasy elements regarding violence and assault, along with sexual content that some readers may find offensive. Please proceed with caution.

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