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Haunts and Hades by Jenée Robinson
Publication Date: January 6, 2022
Amazon Book Description

Who better to help plan a Halloween party than the Goddess of the underworld?

Hades and her men set out to make Halloween at the Four Horsemen Casino the fright of the year.

Except everything starts going sideways...
From a spirit getting lose to Zeus and Poseidon crashing the party. But it's when Hermes shows up with a warning from Ares that he plans to fight her again.

Ruining her party is one thing, but Ares is coming for her throne again .

She’s already beat him once, letting him leave with his life and to lick his wounds. This time she may have to send him a bigger message.

With the help of Harper and her men, they put the party on hold and take a trip to the Underworld.

Will they be able to stop the attack in time or will this lead to an all out war for the throne?

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