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Hate to Love Shifters (4 book series) by J.L. Wilder
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From Book 1: I’m the half-breed everybody loves to hate.

Born a hybrid in a pack of wolves,
I was treated like trash by everyone except him.
My love, my lust, my forever mate.

He may have been the pack runt,
But his desire for me was strong.
He swore he’d always protect me.

Until the day he found something he wanted more.
The day he won the alpha games, and rejected me forever.

I bet he thinks that I can’t survive without him,
Or that I’ll never find a family of my own.
I’ll bet he wonders if I’ll ever lay with another.
I would never do that to him, right?

Wrong my sweet runt. Very wrong.

18+ Only. Rejected by Wolves is the first book in a scorching hot reverse harem shifter romance series. Ends in a cliffhanger.

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