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Fighting the Darkness (Fighting Back Duet Book 1) by Miranda May
Publication Date: November 3, 2023
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How does someone live without half of their soul? I knew I would never be the same, not after we were kidnapped and held for ransom and not after Freyr gave his life to protect me, shattering my will to live. Since returning home, I’ve been nothing more than a ghost, simply existing as a shell of a person with no fight left. Why did I survive? Why did my twin have to die? Why am I still here, suffering without him? These thoughts run through my mind before I try to take my life. I need to feel closer to him, and what better way than in death? But there’s another option, one that will lead me down a path full of the fight I had lost, and I know he will be beside me, guiding me through every swing. Not everyone agrees, but with fists flying, blood splattering, and love forming, I have every intention of fighting the darkness—no matter the cost. Fighting the Darkness is the first book in a dark, age gap, why-choose (MMMF) duet, meaning it will end on a cliffhanger. The book will contain MM relationships and scenes intended for 18+ readers.
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