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Endless (Steel Demons MC Book 10) by Crystal Ash
Publication Date: December 3, 2021
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Our love is endless. The war is over. Finally, we can breathe and be a family. With the worst moments of our lives behind us, we have only the future to look forward to. Our twins arrived nearly four years after the Sha was defeated, and now we face a new challenge--parenthood. Whether it’s our daughter taunting the chickens or our son’s fear of water, we’ll take the highs and lows of raising them in stride. Most importantly, they’ll never know the horror and loss their parents endured. Our children will be protected and loved endlessly. The gods haven’t spoken to us in years, but we’ve never stopped listening. When they have a message, we’ll be ready. Endless is an epilogue novella to the Steel Demons MC series. It is not "required" reading, as the story ends in Merciless. This book shares a slice of life for the Steel Demons characters after the series ends.Reading order:1. Lawless2. Powerless3. Fearless4. Painless5. Helpless6. Heartless7. Senseless8. Ruthless9. Merciless10. Endless

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