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Embracing Fate: A Reverse Harem Novella (Skirting Fate) by Salem Cross
Publication Date: December 10, 2021
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After a whirlwind of excitement, both the good and bad kind, over the past few months my life has settled into a comfortable routine. With everything that I have gone through, you would think I would be content with how normal my days have become.But I’m not.Fortunately, my men catch on to my restlessness and pull together something spectacular. With one surprise after another, I’m blown away by how well each of them have gotten to know me and I’m touched by the thoughtfulness each one has put into their surprises.But they are not the only ones with surprises up their sleeves.Our first Christmas together will be one none of us will soon forget.*Note to Readers: This novella is intended for a mature audience. There are multiple intimate scenes, some of which include multiple partners. There will also be light BDSM and foul language. If any of this offends you this is not the story for you.**These novella is a short story that wraps up the characters in the story: Skirting Fate. In order to understand what is happening in this novella, I recommend reading Skirting Fate first

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