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Death Kiss: Volume Two by Naomi E Lloyd
Publication Date: December 13, 2021
Amazon Book Description

How can one girl’s kiss promise to end or save the world?Ava is on the run. Xander has lost control of his soul. And a demonic force has been unleashed into the world.Everyone wants to find the girl with the death kiss. A girl who will do everything in her power to stay hidden.She’s haunted by the memories of her past, terrified of an uncertain future, and has vowed never to use her death kiss on anyone ever again.But when the fate of the world is placed in her hands, will she break her promise? Will she dare touch another’s lips with hers once more?Does she have the strength to endure another deadly game of kiss and tell? Death Kiss, Volume Two, is coming soon, hopefully sooner than stated on here. So, to not miss the next instalment of this dramatic dark fantasy romance, pre-order today.

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