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Damaged (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: Sons of the Elite Book 1) by Smauggy Universe
Publication Date: June 7, 2020
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Love. Wealth. Success. Gabrielle Johansson has attained all three as one of Los Angeles's most hard-working and successful young, black professionals. In addition to becoming one of LA's best surgeons, she is also engaged to world-renowned artist Damian DuPont. All that seems to change when she gets a phone call that Steve Richardson, beloved friend of the family and father of her childhood best friends, Chris, and Charlie, passed away. Upon her return to rural Pennsylvania, she is overwhelmed with memories of her childhood, family, and friends. In an attempt to rekindle old friendships, Gabrielle is forced to face old, buried feelings for the Richardson brothers and finds herself constantly succumbing to repressed desires.

But what are her childhood best friends really hiding? She soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a toxic feud involving intense violence, dishonesty, love, and unthinkable betrayal.


This is the FIRST book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Gabrielle Johansson is Black Girl Magic personified in the Sons of the Elite Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order but the below is recommended:
Sons of the Elite > NOLA Witches > Anarchists > Death Do Us Part

If you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage > The Unsettling > The Reckoning

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