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Cocky as a King (Kings of Valhalla Book 1) by Elle Middaugh
Publication Date: December 31, 2021
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Return Thor's hammer. Check. Fix the mess the gods made in Midgard. Check. Find the sun goddess Sunna… Um, you mean Genevieve? Because that's me, and I'm definitely not who they say I am.A few months ago, there was an accident—one that left me crushed into the hood of a car with no memory whatsoever about my past. Now, these six psychos show up and try to tell me they're gods—and like, okay, they might be built like gods with egos to match, but I wasn't born yesterday. Not that I can remember when I was born, but that's not the point. They say they're the Kings of Valhalla. They say I'm a goddess. Let me repeat that—A GODDESS. Of the sun. Seriously, they're either crazy or on crack.They're supposedly stuck here on earth, with no powers, until they can complete Odin's three tasks. And even more distressing, they desperately need to get back to Asgard so they can complete a task of their own: stopping Ragnarok from happening.Which is completely insane… Until I end up in another car accident, and miraculously, snippets of my memories start coming back. Not of me or my life, but of them.Maybe these guys aren't the psychos I thought they were.Maybe they really do know me.Maybe they really are trying to prevent Ragnarok.And maybe, just maybe, I'm the missing piece to figuring it all out.
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