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Burning Wild: A Dark Omegaverse Reverse Harem by Phoenyx Saint
Publication Date: September 25, 2023
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Sixty years ago, the economy fell in a global event aptly named The Crash. Homelessness, poverty, and hunger were at a high. Governments were no longer able to sustain themselves, let alone provide safety or basic necessities. Citizens rioted. Omegas were torn from the streets and used, killed, or sold. People panicked and went into hiding.

Everything fell apart.

Ten years later, the government was able to rebuild itself, but due to split votes on power and politics, a decision was made to change the way the world works.

What was once a planet with seven continents broken up into countries, states, and cities, became seven territories led by seven government officials that make up The Alliance. Each member is a descendant from one of the original pack Alphas who were said to be the fiercest, most loyal, and intelligent people of their time. With The Alliance in charge, the world was able to be rebuilt.

Everything was getting better. The government was whole again, stabilizing the protection everyone needed. The streets were finally safe. Families came out of hiding, ready to start over. But soon after, tragedy struck again. The air quality turned poor, the water toxic, and the soil barren. Scientists have spent years trying to determine the exact cause but have found only one answer with no solutions: Global Warming and Pollution.

Some places are worse than others. Unfortunately, my home is one of them.

I live a mundane existence. Trapped. A prisoner. An intended beta with no prospects, no future, and no hopes of finding true love. There will be no mates in my future. No family or children.

Just this.

Just me.

I may live in a palace fit for a princess, but I am nothing more than a maid. An object for his entertainment.

My stepfather.

My mother is oblivious to the torments I suffer day in and day out. Either that or she just doesn’t care.

No one cares.

Except…maybe them.

The Golden Boys. My stepbrothers Calix, Malachi, and Koen, along with their two best friends, Riven and Alastor.

They care. They protect me. Worry about me. They might even love me. But none of that matters when the forces hellbent on tearing us apart come in the middle of the night, stealing me away from them and the hell that I’ve known for so long.

Thrust into a new world, I’m forced to survive on my own. Sick, terrified, lonely, and devastated, I’m not sure how to make it from one day to the next, let alone survive the nights.

When the world is against me, literally poisoning me with every breath, how will I survive the unsurvivable?

And do I even want to?

My name is Andromedia Indigo Grey, and this is my story. I may spend my days wishing I was a princess trapped in someone else's body, but this is no fairy tale, and there will be no happily ever after.

Or will there?

This is a dark romance omegaverse where the FMC will have multiple love interests and will not have to choose. This book is contemporary, with paranormal elements woven throughout, including ABO designations, world-building, a slightly post-apocalyptic world, and so much more.
Please note: Though there is an adorable little baby panther, this is a non-shifting OV book.

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